Cool Master’s Orb X is an awesome-looking futuristic dome gaming chair

It has room for monitors, large desk space and cool RGB LEDs

Cool Master has revealed a rather ridiculous futuristic gaming chair called the Orb X.

The Orb X features a semi-enclosed cockpit with a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for privacy. The dome supports up to three 27-inch monitors for multiple views, or you can use one 34-inch display. It also features built-in surround sound speakers that offer a realistic soundstage to avoid needing to use headphones.

Additionally, the Orb X features an ergonomic recliner for better comfort. Colour-wise, the chair comes in ‘Arctic White’ or ‘Universe Black,’ and there’s also ARGB illumination, which surrounds the user with a variety of colour arrangements to match the atmosphere.

It also comes with a remote control to help set the different ergonomics, audio and colour options with the press of a button. Additionally, there’s a extra large desk space that can wirelessly charge users’ phones, alongside room for a keyboard, a mouse and even a tablet.

It’s unclear how much the Orb X will cost, but it will likely be extremely pricey. You can currently join the waitlist to receive more information about the device when it becomes available.

Image credit:  Cool Master

Source: Cool Master