TekSavvy will give you a $10/month discount when you refer a friend

This is a pretty good offer

Teksavvy has launched a new holiday offer that saves you and a friend/family member $120 off your bill over 12 months.

The internet provider says that the program allows TekSavvy customers to sign up a friend for internet service in order to save both parties $10 off their monthly bill for 12 months.

Teksavvy’s offer runs from December 1st to January 31st and is valid for all customers that “meet the eligibility requirements.” Further, the deal is also valid for current Teksavvy customers.

There are no limitations on what internet plans this offer applies to. To get your referral code, log into your Teksavvy account. Next, share that code with your friend or family member. They must then claim the offer when they place their Teksavvy internet order.

The credit will then be applied on your bill at the start of your friend’s second month at TekSavvy. Up to three friends can be referred, but the maximum credit remains at $10, though it can last for additional months. For example, if you refer two people, you’re eligible for non-refundable credits of $10 per month for 24 months.

Update 05/12/2022 3pm ET: The story has been updated with additional information.