Music, food, and identities celebrated in TikTok’s end of year wrap-up

Did you come across any of these TikToks?

Canadian TikTok creators shared content over the last year that was seen by people around the world.

According to the social media platform’s annual Year on TikTok wrap-up, this included dancing videos, nursing parodies, and tasty recipes.

“Canadian TikTok creators continue to make content that celebrates the uniqueness of our identities, enriches our lives, and makes us smile,” Marisa Hammonds, TikTok’s general manager for North America, said. “Their impact is felt around the world and goes beyond our platform.”


For You feeds cater to every TikTok user’s personal experiences, but there are always videos that end up on everyone’s FY feeds. In Canada, it was the following:

  1. @jamie32bsh – Everyone’s favourite mirror dancing video
  2. @w2sixpackchef – For ASMR chacers
  3. @parisa_henna_art – Henna inspo
  4. @tamarasbluechicken – The best bird on the internet
  5. @kristenandreafe – The funny reaction to this filter

TikTok taught me

TikTok is home to great recipes, hacks, and techniques. In Canada, that involved learning how to perfectly drape a saree and making homemade mung bean noodles.

  1. @ongsquad – How to cut a pineapple
  2. @natashathasan – No-sew saree draping
  3. @shinanova – Learning the meaning behind Inuit facial expressions
  4. @huxintingting – Learning to make mung bean noodles
  5. @ilysmnails – Taking care of cuticles

Big little communities

If you’ve been on TikTok for more than five minutes, you know there is a community for literally everything. In Canada, this year’s favourites include:

  1. #BookTok – When you need a new recommendation
  2. #SmallBusinessTok – Support small!
  3. #TransTok – Celebrate yourself
  4. #IndigenousTok – Learning about Indigenous identities
  5. #OutdoorTok – Travelling across Canada

You can learn more about TikTok’s 2022 wrap-up here.

Image credit: TikTok