OnePlus is entering the mechanical keyboard market

More information to be revealed on December 15th

Smartphone company OnePlus hasn’t shied away from developing gadgets other than phones. The company makes TVs, webcams, earbuds, wearables and even phone cooling accessories.

Now, in partnership with Keychron, OnePlus has announced that it will develop a fully customizable keyboard.

“All-new on OnePlus Featuring The first-ever keyboard created by OnePlus,” reads the company’s website. “The first-ever OnePlus mechanical keyboard is fully customizable and features Keychron technology. Get ready to discover more on December 15.”

The company did not share any technical details about the keyboard, like what kind of switches it will feature, whether it’ll be wireless or wired, or if it will sport a 60 percent, TKL or full-sized footprint. It is also currently unknown if the keyboard will be available for Canadians to order.

According to a forum post by a product marketing manager for OnePlus, the company has a sample pack for the keyboard that includes a Switch Sampler Kit and four different material keycaps, including ABS, PBT, TPSIV and Silicone.

Elsewhere, OnePlus is also ready to launch two new monitors in India on December 12th. Learn more here.

Image credit: Keychron

Source: OnePlus