Ukraine war, Rogers outage and Wordle dominated Google searches in Canada

Google's 2022 Year in Search report outlines trending searches in Canada

Google Search

Canadians had a busy year on Google.

According to Google’s Year in Search report, Canadians used Google Search more than three times a day, equaling Google answering more than 3,000,000 questions every hour.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominated the report, coming in second for searches, first for news, and third in “how to.”

Another top trending news search was the Rogers outage. A system malfunction impacted Rogers Internet Gateway, Core Gateway and Distribution Routers in July. 13 million wireless and wireline customers were left without service.

The outage also ranked second in Google searches asking “why.”

Other top trending searches in Canada include Wordle, World Cup, and Betty White.

Hollywood headlines and pop culture searches were also trending, with Canadians dialling into the news “more than ever,” Hibaq Ali, search trends expert at Google Canada, wrote in a blog post. This includes searches for Will Smith and Chris Rock, movies like Turning Red, and TV shows like Stranger Things.

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Source: Google