Add 25GB of additional data to your Koodo line for $5 per month

Your mileage may vary with this promotion

Telus-owned Koodo is offering select customers a solid data add-on deal for the upcoming week.

In a text message received by MobileSyrup’s Dean Daley, the carrier wrote that it is offering three “EXTREMELY affordable bonus data” promotions.

Users who receive the offer can add the following to their account:

  • 5GB of additional data $1 per month
  • 10GB of additional data for $3 per month
  • 25GB of additional data for $5 per month

To claim the promotion, you need to reply to the text message with the necessary responses, as seen in the screenshot above. If you haven’t received the promotion text message, there currently seems to be no way to avail the add-on data deal. You can try chatting with a Koodo agent about the promotion, but there is no guarantee that it will be offered to you.