Extra sauce and Japanese food, here’s what Canadians ordered on Uber Eats this year

The 2022 Uber Eats Cravings Report shows Canadians wanted their fries on the side

Uber Eats is one of Canada’s leading food delivery services, with thousands of people ordering across the country every year.

In 2022, there were endless possibilities. But according to the company’s annual Cravings Report, which summarises what Canadians ordered over the past year, Japanese is the top rate cuisine in Canada. Fries are rated as the most requested side; miso soup is fourth.

Customers in Kingston, Ottawa, and Peterborough, Ontario, are rated as being the most polite, saying “please” and “thank you” in their order instructions.

Residents in Canada’s largest cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, are the pickiest eaters and the most often to add special instructions to their orders. Toronto residents ask for “hot sauce on the side,” Vancouverites want “no green onion,” and Montreal wants “extra sauce.”

Residents in the three cities are also responsible for making the most expensive orders on the platform. One Toronto Uber Eats customer spent $1,048.01 on a burger restaurant. A Vancouver customer shelled out $1,039.01 for Japanese cuisine, and a Montreal customer spent $893.54 at a cheese shop and bakery.

DoorDash released a similar report outlining its top delivery trends in 2022. You can read that here.

Image credit: Shutterstock