New DJI Mini 3 starts at $569 in Canada

If you're looking to get into drones in 2023, this one is for you

DJI’s Mini 3 is a proper entry-level follow-up to the wildly popular DJI Mini 2 that starts at $569.

This new drone retains the great camera and gimbal from the Mini 3 Pro ($869) released earlier this year but strips out most of the other pro-level features. This includes ‘Active Track,’ internal storage and the ability to shoot in 4K/60fps.

This still provides users with a compelling drone experience at a more approachable price point, and by removing the Active tracking sensors, DJI has been able to increase the flight time by four minutes with the Mini 3. This means that with the standard battery, you can get around 38 minutes of flying, and with the heavier Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, you get 51 minutes. However, this bigger battery pushes the drone over that 250g sweet spot, and you’ll need to get a drone license. 

While the Mini 3 starts at $569, take note that the base package is just the drone, so if you need a controller, it will cost you $689 for the basic bundle with the DJI RC-N1. The more expensive DJI RC flight sticks feature a screen built into it but comes bundled for $889. It’s also worth mentioning that these are the prices DJI provided MobileSyrup. With this in mind, given the company doesn’t sell directly in Canada, you either need to purchase the DJI Mini 3 online for a direct conversion of the U.S. price or through a third-party retailer like Best Buy, which may increase the cost slightly.

You can also get the Mini 3 in a classic DJI Fly more bundle with two extra batteries, a carrying case and spare propellers. The version with the standard controller costs $908, and the more advanced DJI RC package is priced at $1,108.

With almost all my previous drone reviews, I recommend this package because it gets you extra batteries and a charger, at the very least. However, with the long flight time the Mini 3 offer, I could easily see people getting away with buying just a single extra battery and saving that money to buy accessories that can improve the camera, like the ND filter set.