Elon Musk confirms Twitter character limit will increase to 4,000

The character limit is currently 280, and before that it maxed out at 140.

Twitter logo in the Android app

Over the weekend, Twitter CEO and guy who absolutely doesn’t understand how pronouns work Elon Musk confirmed rumours that Twitter would increase the character limit from 280 to 4,000.

A Twitter user directly asked Musk if the rumour was true, and Musk simply said, “Yes.”

Naturally, Musk didn’t provide any additional information about the change or when people could expect it to come into place. It also remains unclear how a larger character limit could impact the platform. One on hand, it could be helpful in reducing the number of lengthy tweet threads by allowing users to post more detail about a topic at once.

I could also see longer tweets giving people more room to type out detailed responses, enabling more discussion and less angry replies over a few words. That said, I’m not sure if Twitter’s main audience is really interested in reading 4,000 characters of reasonable writing.

And to give you an idea how long 4,000 characters is, this article clocks in at about 1,285 characters, so imagine something about three times longer than this.

Twitter is also expected to relaunch its Blue subscription service sometime Monday with several changes, including phone number verification and possibly an option to sign up online to avoid App Store fees.

Source: Elon Musk Via: MacRumors