PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-Up is available now

The Wrap Up told me I played way too much gaming this year

Starting now through January 13th, PS4 and PS5 console users can access and share their 2022 Wrap-Up highlights, which include trophies, how many games they played, the total of hours played across PS4 and PS5 games, and the number of PS Plus monthly games they downloaded if they are a PS Plus member.

You can also see the monumental stats achieved collectively by the global PlayStation community in 2022. For example, if you’ve played Horizon Forbidden West, you can see how many Thunderjaws you killed.

Players who click through all of the 2022 Wrap-Up sections can receive a voucher code to redeem one of the six Astro Bot avatars that reflects their PlayStation gaming achievements this year. Avatar voucher codes can be redeemed by other players within their region, which means you can share the code with friends and see the different avatars around the world.

You’ll get a summary card that you can share and compare with other players.

Check out your PlayStation 2o22 Wrap-Up, here. 

Source: PlayStation Blog