Pornhub’s ‘Year in Review’ breaks down this year’s Canadian stats and demographics

Pornhub’s 2022 Year in Review details the year’s trends, searches, and more

As 2022 is coming to a close, Pornhub has released its Year in Review wrap-up.

As the largest adult entertainment site, Pornhub reports it has over 150 million daily active visitors, and because of this, there’s no shortage of new trends, searches and interesting stats to highlight.

As part of Pornhub’s Year in Review, the site has provided a full rundown of stats pertaining to Canada. First up is the overall placement as far as traffic is concerned. Canada once again finds itself in the Top 20 Countries listed by traffic. In 2022, Canada fell to the eighth spot, overtaken by Germany. The U.S. is listed in first place, with the U.K. in second.

Time spent per visit is also broken down by Pornhub. The average time on the site per visit is estimated at nine minutes and 54 seconds, a decrease of 20 seconds when comparing 2021’s stats. Canada’s average falls slightly short at nine minutes and 28 seconds. However, Egypt leads the charge with 11 minute and 12-second average.

Next, let’s take a look at traffic per device in Canada. This year, Pornhub reports that 75 percent of Canada’s traffic is made by way of mobile devices. Desktop usage continues to dwindle, with this year’s usage at a reported 20 percent in the country. Tablet usage is firm at five percent. As far as operating systems worldwide, it’s a close race. However, Android users snuff out Apple with a 51.5 to 48.3 percent split. “Other” is listed as 0.2.

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Demographics is also a highlight in this year’s Year in Review. Pornhub reports that the 18-24 group encompasses 22 percent of Canada’s visitors. 25-34 make up the majority with 27 percent. 35-44 comes in at 20 percent. 45-54 lands at 14 percent. 55-64 tallies up to 10 percent. 65+ rounds out the demographics with a mere six percent.

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Another interesting metric to look at is the worldwide traffic of gaming consoles. Once again, PlayStation players reign supreme in this race. This year, PlayStation saw a 20.6 percent increase in traffic, putting the platform at 73.1 percent. Xbox’s traffic numbers fell this year, with the console now at 25.5 percent in second place. PS Vita and Nintendo (Wii U and 3DS) are listed in third and fourth, both at 0.8 percent, respectively.

Speaking of video games, Pornhub has a laundry list of ‘Most Searched Video Game Characters.’ The top five include ‘Overwatch Dva,’ ‘Minecraft Jenny Mod,’ Overwatch Widowmaker,’ ‘Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu,’ and ‘Overwatch Mercy.’ The top five ‘Most Searched Video Games’ include Fortnite, Overwatch, Genshin Impact, Minecraft and Pokemon.

Finally, Pornhub reveals the ‘World’s Most Viewed Categories.’ In Canada, ‘Lesbian’ is the country’s most searched category. It just so happens that the category is also in first place in ‘Most Viewed Categories of 2022.’

More details on Pornhub’s Year in Review can be found on its website.

It should be noted that Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek was founded in Quebec. In 2020, the platform removed content from unverified users following a New York Times investigation that revealed several inappropriate and illegal videos, including some involving minors. Visa and Mastercard then cut ties with all of Mindgeek’s websites.

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