Telus rolls out Boxing Week plans and deals on phones

Instead of $85/mo for 25GB, get 50GB of data


Vancouver-based national telecom Telus rolled out special Boxing Week plans on December 13th.

Generally, Telus’ Boxing Week plans offer more data for the same or even a slightly lower price than what the carrier typically offers. Plus, Telus is offering a $10/mo bill credit for 24 months for customers who buy a smartphone online or bring their own device.

Check out the prices below:

  • Unlimited 50 5G – $85/mo 50GB of data (250Mbps) | previously: $85/25GB
  • Unlimited 100 5G+ – $90/mo 100GB (1Gbps) | previously: $95/50GB
  • Unlimited CAN-US 100 5G+ – $95/mo 100GB (1Gbps) plus unlimited data, talk, and text in Canada and the U.S. | previously: $125/100GB

Along with the plans, Telus also has some deals on devices. Check out some of the best offers below:

Overall, the offers from Telus aren’t terrible. Customers can effectively double their data at no cost for the $85 plan, or get 100GB for less than they’d normally pay for 50GB.

And while Telus’ plans do come with the benefit of 5G access, I’m not sure that’s enough to justify the extra cost over something like Koodo’s $50/40GB promo plan.

We’re still early in the Boxing Day deal season, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some better offers came along. But hey, this is a start.

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