Latest Tesla update brings Apple Music and Mahjong to your car

Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal are now supported by Tesla's vehicles

One of the key advantages Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) offer over competitors is the rapid software updates that add new features to its cars.

In the EV company’s latest holiday update (version 2022.44.25), Tesla has brought several new features to its fleet, including official Apple Music support, which joins Spotify and Tidal, and of course, the addition of Mahjong to its ‘Tesla Arcade.’

Other new features include ‘Dog Mode,’ which allows users to safely leave their furry friends in their vehicle with climate control on. Finally, there are also improvements to Tesla’s ‘Light Show’ feature that syncs headlights with music, allowing users to schedule a show 10 minutes in advance or set up a “multi-car orchestra,” alongside other minor user-interface changes.

Why would someone want to create a light show with their car? Who knows. Still, it’s great to see Apple Music finally make its way to Tesla’s EVs.

It’s worth pointing out that using Apple Music requires a Tesla Premium Connectivity subscription, which costs $13.99/month. This cost is on top of Apple Music’s $10.99/month cost.

Notably, the holiday update also brings Steam support to Model S and Model X vehicles released in 2022. Read more about it here.

Via: Electrek