$100 Apple gift cards on Amazon get $10 promo

If you're planning on buying some Apple gift cards for the holidays, this is a pretty unbeatable deal

If you’re planning to buy someone an Apple gift card this holiday season, Amazon might have one of the best deals available.

If you use the code ‘APPLECA22‘ at checkout and buy one or more gift cards totalling $100 or more, you’ll get $10 in bounce-back credits, effectively making it $90 for a $100 gift card. These are email gift cards, so while the product listing says $25, you can fill it with a custom amount when you click on the card.

These gift cards apply to everything Apple, from digital app stores to real-world Apple Stores. You can also set a custom time for the code to get delivered as long as it’s within the next 365 days.

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Source: Amazon