iOS 16.3 beta arrives with support for physical security keys

This update is all about locking your iPhone down

iOS 16

Hot on the heels of the stable iOS 16.2 update, Apple is seeding the 16.3 version to its beta program.

There isn’t anything flashy in the beta, but the tech giant now allows users to lock down their phones with physical two-factor authentication keys. This feature is supposed to roll out to all iPhone users in 2023, so it makes sense that it’s being tested now.

These devices are things like the Yubi key and other keys approved by the FIDO alliance. It’s expected that the next iPadOS and macOS betas will also support these physical security keys.

Other aspects of the update include more protections for iCloud. With the update, users can choose to encrypt almost everything stored in iCloud. Previously it was only health and password data were encrypted.

Beyond that, there’s a new graphic showing users how to use the Handoff features that exist between the HomePod and iPhone.

Via: 9to5Mac