Vidéotron’s holiday promotions discount plans, phones, internet and more

Vidéotron is offering several discounted data plans and home internet offers for Boxing Week.

One of the notable holiday offers includes 15GB at $45 per month with an additional 10GB of data for the year. Other data deals include $50 per month for 20GB, $60 per month for 40GB, and $75 per month for 50GB.

Several smartphones are also available at a discounted rate. For example, you can get the iPhone 13 for $27.75 per month, the Galaxy S22 for $15 per month, the Pixel 6a for $5 per month and more.

You can also subscribe to Vidéotron’s Wi-Fi Unlimited 400 for $73 per month. The Helix Unlimited 400Mbps internet plan includes Wi-Fi 6, the Helix Fi app and more.

There’s also another offer, which includes Unlimited 60 internet with Helix TV 5 popular channels plus 23 basic HD channels, that’s on sale for $100 per month.

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Source: Vidéotron