Canadians can now contribute to Community Notes on Twitter

Community Notes is Twitter's crowdsourced fact-checking system put in place before Elon Musk took over

Community Notes, a Twitter feature that allows selected users to add notes to misleading tweets, is now accepting Canadian contributors.

The fact-checking system is community focused. “Community Notes doesn’t work by majority rules,” the Community Notes Guide states. Helpful notes require contributors to agree on posts that may have disagreed in the past. “This helps prevent one-sided ratings.”

The feature was previously known as Birdwatch and got the new name after Elon Musk acquired the platform. Previously only available in the U.S., all Twitter users worldwide can now see Community Notes.

“We admit new contributors in batches, growing the contributor base by 10 percent per week. We’ll be monitoring quality, and may adjust that up and down based on what we learn,” the Community Notes Twitter account tweeted.

Interested Canadians can sign up here. To successfully join, users can’t have any recent notices of violating Twitter’s rules, joined the platform at least six months ago, and have a verified phone number.

Source: @CommunityNotes Via: iPhone in Canada