Valve’s The Game Awards Steam Deck giveaway has been extended

If you registered for the original giveaway but didn't win a Steam Deck, check your email

Steam Deck

During Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards event, which took place on Thursday, December 8th, Steam offered users free Steam Decks for watching the event online.

During the event, Valve gave away one Steam Deck per minute to random viewers. The Steam Decks being given away were the 512GB model, which normally cost $819 and sport premium anti-glare etched glass.

Users needed to be in ‘good standing’ and live in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. or E.U. to be able to participate in the giveaway.

Now, according to the official SteamDeck page, Valve was reportedly “blown away” by the response it received to the event, and it has decided to extend the giveaway.

This time, however, you don’t need to do anything. “We just drew 171 more names from all the registrants who tuned in (over 980,000 of you!),” reads the Tweet. “Check your email to see if you won!”

For reference, if you’ve been selected for the second round of giveaways, the email you receive should look a little something like:

Source: Steam Deck