Someone’s selling an unreleased Pixel Tablet on Facebook Marketplace

The wild, wild world of Facebook Marketplace

Google’s upcoming Pixel Tablet and ‘Charging Speaker Dock’ showed up for sale on Facebook Marketplace with several pictures showing off the device.

The search giant has given us a few glimpses of the tablet already, but aside from a vague 2023 release timeframe and some other basic details, we still don’t know a ton about the tablet. However, the Pixel Tablet for sale on Facebook Marketplace gives us some more information.

Spotted by leaker’ShrimpApplePro’ on Twitter, images in the Marketplace listing show the Pixel Tablet’s home screen (which looks a lot like the Pixel Launcher with a tablet-friend layout), the settings app with a two-column layout, how the Pixel Tablet looks sitting on the charging dock (like a thick Nest Hub Max) and a close-up of the charging dock itself.

We can see from the image of the Settings screen that the tablet has 256GB of storage and 70 percent battery with an estimated 15 hours and 54 minutes of remaining life. Moreover, 9to5Google was able to make out a USB-C port on the left edge of the tablet in one shot.

As for the charging dock, you can see four metal contacts on it — there are likely four metal contacts on the back of the Pixel Tablet too for connecting it to the dock. 9to5 notes that the charging dock’s port looks similar to the port on the Nest Hub Max, and the pictured power adapter also looks a lot like the one for the Nest Hub Max. It’s possible it could be the same 30W adapter with a barrel connector.

We’ll likely learn more about the Pixel Tablet in the coming weeks, either from continued leaks or possibly a full reveal from Google in the new year. My guess is someone will purchase the tablet from Facebook Marketplace and post more details online, but we’ll see what happens.

Images credit: ShrimpApplePro

Source: @ShrimpApplePro Via: 9to5Google