Nvidia to kill Shield TV Gamestream feature in February 2023

It's currently unknown why Nvidia decided to end support for Gamestream

Starting 2023, Nvidia Shield TV users will lose access to a feature that allowed them to stream the games they run on their PC directly to their TVs.

The feature, called Gamestream, allows users to access their favourite games from a GeForce GTX-powered PC directly on a Shield TV or Shield Tablet at 60FPS at up to 4K HDR. Starting mid-February, however, a planned update will begin rolling out to Shield owners that will permanently disable remove the Gamestream feature from Shield devices.

As an alternative, Nvidia is recommending users to migrate over to using Steam Link to stream games from their PC to Shield devices. “Steam Link supports 4K streaming and allows streaming to many devices, including PCs, phones, and tablets. Gamers can also stream PC games from the cloud to their Shield TV using Nvidia’s GeForce Now service,” wrote Nvidia in a support document. 

You’ll need the SteamLink app on your Shield TV and Steam on your PC to stream games.

Mid-February is when the update will reportedly drop. However, if you want to use Gamestream for a little bit longer, you can choose to not update your device. According to Nvidia, if you don’t update, “Gamestream may continue to work for a time, but will no longer be supported and eventually will stop working.”

It is currently unknown why Nvidia decided to end support for Gamestream.

Image credit: Nvidia

Source: Nvidia