Tbaytel bringing 5G to Thunder Bay in January

Tbaytel will launch 60 5G capable sites in January 2023, with further plans to expand

Tbaytel will use Ericsson’s network to launch 5G services in 60 sites in Thunder Bay in January 2023.

The company says it will expand the service to other markets by the end of 2023.

“5G networks will enhance our mobile experience providing us opportunities to reimagine how we use our smartphones and connected devices,”  said company president and CEO Dan Topatig said.

“It will bring faster data speeds for downloads and streaming, larger network capacities to support more connected customers and continuous network reliability to enrich Tbaytel’s overall mobile experience.”

The company is also partnering with Rogers to launch the service.

Tbaytel is initially planning on using a combination of network spectrums for a “superior combination of coverage area and capacity.” Low band spectrum will provide coverage for long distances and desirable service in rural areas. Mid-band, on the other hand, will boost speed and provide ultra-low latency.

Image credit: Tbaytel

Source: Tbaytel