Apple adds self-repair support to recent iMacs

The company's Studio Display is supported under the program, too

Apple’s self-repair program now includes the company’s recent M1-powered iMacs.

Through the program customers in the United States can order authentic parts for the M1 iMac, M1 Mac Mini, the Mac Studio and the Studio Display to replace and fix devices themselves at home.

Users can access several parts for the new iMac in the Self Service Repair Store, while a repair manual can inform you about what parts you need for certain repairs and how to perform them.

It’s worth noting that self-repairing is only recommended for those with prior experience with repairing devices, as it requires several intricate procedures, and can be very time-consuming.

According to Apple, each part it sells is genuine and receives testing to ensure quality, safety and reliability. The company says it will accept used parts to be refurbished and recycled, and in most cases, offer customer credits to be used towards their purchase. Additionally, Apple is also renting out tool kits for $49 for those who don’t want to purchase their own set of Apple tools to use in repairs.

Unfortunately, Apple’s self-repair program isn’t available in Canada as of right now, though it is likely to change in the near future. Instead, Canadians can make their life easier by purchasing AppleCare for their devices or by going to independent repair shops. Back in 2020, Apple started selling official tools, parts and repair guides to qualified independent repair shops in Canada. This allowed independent repair shops to offer the same level of service as Apple, while also offering peace of mind to users with authorized repairs.

You can verify if a third-party repair shop near you is part of Apple’s program or not here.

Image credit: Apple Self Service Repair Store

Source: Sixcolors Via: The Verge