Apple reveals what’s included in latest AirTag update

AirTag 'Precision Detection' requires an iPhone 11 or later


Apple has dropped two firmware releases for its AirTag Bluetooth tracker since November, but until now, it’s been unclear what new features were actually included in these updates.

Now, according to a new support document on Apple’s website, update ‘2.0.24‘ allows users to locate unknown AirTags via ‘Precision Finding.’ Apple first announced the feature earlier this year as an anti-stalking measure.

When an iPhone detects an unknown AirTag that’s following them, the user can now utilize Precision Finding and a sound alert to locate it and disable the device.

It’s important to point out that Precision Detection requires an iPhone 11 or later that features Apple’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip.

2.0.36,’ on the other hand, fixes an issue with the AirTag’s accelerometer that prevented it from activating when moving.

Similar to Apple’s AirPods, it’s not easy to update the AirTags’ firmware. The Bluetooth tracker automatically updates when connected to an iPhone, and there’s no way to push it manually.

Source: Apple, (1) Via: 9to5Mac