Hyundai’s 2024 Kona looks like a smaller Ioniq 5

Hopefully the price tag is smaller too

Borrowing design cues from Hyundai’s popular electric vehicle, the car maker’s new Kona 2024 bears a striking resemblance to a smaller, and hopefully cheaper, version of the Ioniq 5.

The compact SUV, which is also available as an electric vehicle (EV), features a full-width LED headlight strip running across its entire front end and an Ioniq 5-like indent on its side, giving the car a far more aggressive look than its minor 2021-2022 redesign. On the rear, a pixelated backlight runs across the back of the car, sticking with the futuristic look the front offers and borrowing even more from the Ioniq 5’s look.

Hyundai says that the new Kona is 4.25m in length, making it 150mm longer than the 2023 version of the car. The vehicle is also slightly wider at 25mm in width with a 60mm wheelbase and 19-inch wheels.

On the inside, similar to the Ioniq 5, the 2024 Kona also features 12-inch touchscreen displays and, at least in the EV version, ample interior space. A sportier version of the car in Hyundai’s N line is also on the way.

Given how popular the Ioniq 5 has been for Hyundai, it’s not surprising that its recognizable design language is trickling down to the company’s other vehicles.

It’s unclear how much Hyundai plans to charge for the 2024 Kona, but if it can hit a price point between the $33,395 the standard version of the car costs/$44,599 starting price of the EV and the $48,999 the Ioniq 5 costs, it could be a huge seller.

Image credit: Hyundai

Via: Car and Driver