Netcrawler offers affordable and reliable internet for customers in Ontario

As Ontario residents continue to look at alternatives to the big Canadian providers, Netcrawler enters the fray

Ontario households can undoubtedly become overwhelmed when shopping for a new internet plan. Major Canadian internet service providers (ISPs) have built a very large presence and with that, sizeable but expensive internet plans. However, there are other options out there, including Netcrawler.

Over a short period of time, Ontario-based Netcrawler has carved out a reputation for itself. While there are several third-party ISPs out there, Netcrawler aims to streamline the process of affordable home internet. From its cheaper-priced unlimited high-speed plans to no hidden costs and fees, Netcrawler is certainly a provider worth keeping on your radar.

Shopping around for home internet can quickly become stressful. How do you know you’re getting the best service for your lifestyle? Are you paying more than you need? Many ISPs in Canada overwhelm customers with tedious breakdowns and more options than one household rightfully needs. Netcrawler offers sustainable options that realistically work for your wants and needs. Furthermore, smaller providers are more likely to provide better and more engaging customer service, since they are closer to their customers, thus better able to hear their feedback and observe their changing preferences over time.

Netcrawler offers an alternative to large telecommunications companies that offer speeds of 1 Gbps or more for over $100 per month. Besides plans tailored to those who upload and download large videos or play intense games, Netcrawler also has plans suited to the wallets of average users.

Netcrawler offers three plans for Ontario customers, with each providing unlimited internet with varying download speeds. The cheapest plan offers 100Mbps download speed with a 30Mbps upload speed. Typically, this plan is priced at $57/per month. However, Netcrawler is currently offering its Unlimited 100 plan for $38 a month.

For those who are cutting the cord on cable TV, such as students and young families, 100Mbps is an excellent combination of affordability and speed. You can use this tier to browse the web and watch videos without being bothered by annoying buffering. This plan is ideal for streaming 4K content from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. In addition, this package can be used by up to eight users or devices at the same time.

You may, however, prefer the Unlimited 300 or 500 plan if download speeds are still of concern, perhaps for those with a professional career in content creation, or those who enjoy intensive gaming. The former provides 300Mbps down and 30Mbps up for $79 a month. The latter plan offers 500Mbps download speed and 30Mbps upload speed at a cost of $85. Currently, both tiers are on sale for $69 and $75 respectively. These plans are also required if you have over 12 devices connecting to the internet at the same time. Changing plans is also easy, just hop on a chat and request to move up or down a speed tier.

Customers won’t have to worry about contracts, hidden fees, or tacked-on surprises with Netcrawler’s three plans. There are no hardware rental fees, and you get additional discounts if you bring your own equipment. All hardware is shipped to your address for free, removing those tedious trips to a store. If any additional assistance is required, Netcrawler offers Canada-based customer support.

As part of its customer service philosophy, Netcrawler utilizes a variety of standard chat channels as well as social networking sites to communicate with its customers. There are several ways to contact the company, including online chats, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and more. In most cases, responses are received within five minutes of your inquiry; if you need further assistance, you may ask for a callback. With Netcrawler you’ll never have to hear hold music again.

On Google, Netcrawler has amassed a review rating of 4.6 stars, an above-average rating when compared to most telecom companies in Canada. Customers describe the company as being dependable, with exceptional customer service, an easy setup process and affordable prices. The company also states that their retention rate is over 90%, another reflection of their high customer satisfaction.

Many households in Ontario want to remain budget-friendly and their internet plan should reflect that. For those that may work from home, and stream 1080p or 4K content on anywhere from three to five devices, Netcrawler’s affordable Unlimited 100 plan is a no-brainer. When compared to larger Canadian ISPs, having affordable options can’t be understated. Paired with exceptional customer service, Netcrawler creates a very good argument for why you should consider a third-party provider.

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