Google is ‘all hands on deck’ to develop AI products to take on ChatGPT

Google will likely reveal its advancements in at its annual I/O conference

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a machine-learning dependent AI chat bot that generates human-like responses based on the input it receives. The chatbot has taken the world by storm, having crossed one million users earlier this month.

The ChatGPT storm has been noticed by Google, and it is reportedly taking an ‘all hand on deck’ approach to respond.

As reported by The New York Times, Google has declared a “code red,” and has tasked several departments to “respond to the threat that ChatGPT poses.”

“From now until a major conference expected to be hosted by Google in May, teams within Google’s research, Trust and Safety, and other departments have been reassigned to help develop and release new A.I. prototypes and products.”

The likely point in future where Google describes its advancement in AI would be at its annual I/O where it shows off progress made on LaMDA, Google’s own AI chat bot.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai hinted the company has “a lot” planned in the space in 2023 but added that “This is an area where we need to be bold and responsible, so we have to balance that,” according to a recent CNBC report.

Earlier this year, Google suspended one of its engineers, Blake Lemoine, after he claimed the company’s ‘LaMDA’ chatbot system had achieved sentience. Read more about it here.

Image credit: Google

Source: The New York Times