Google’s Pixel 2023-2025 roadmap surfaces online

The roadmap includes plans for Pixel foldables, the future of the budget A-series Pixel phones, and more

Google’s smartphone roadmap for the next couple of years has leaked.

This tidal wave of information comes from a “trusted” source that spoke to Android Authority detailing upcoming devices Google plans to release in the coming years.

The leak takes us through Google’s plans from 2023-2025 and is surprisingly comprehensive. Below is a quick recap of all the key information.


  • Two Pixel phones will launch around April or May. One, codenamed ‘Lynx’, is the Pixel 7a, and the other, codenamed ‘Felix,’ will be the Pixel Fold (likely Google’s name for the foldable).
  • The Pixel 7a has the same U.S. price of $449 to match the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a costs $599 in Canada, so it will likely be the same price.
  • The Pixel Fold will cost roughly $1,799 USD (about $2,459 CAD), matching the U.S. cost for Samsung’s foldables. It will likely be cheaper than the South Korean tech giant’s foldables in Canada since Samsung tends to upcharge in Canada.
  • The Pixel 8 (codenamed ‘Shiba’) and Pixel 8 Pro (codenamed ‘Husky’) will come later in 2023 and won’t be too different from the Pixel 7 series, except the Pixel 8 will be even smaller in 2023.
  • The Tensor G3 that will debut in the Pixel 8 is codenamed ‘Zuma.’


  • Google is considering moving away from a yearly Pixel A series launch depending on the sales of the Pixel 7a, so while it has plans for the Pixel 8a (codename ‘Akita’), it can be scrapped. Instead, the company may move towards a biennial launch.
  • If the Pixel 8a does launch, it would see a price increase to $499 USD.
  • The Pixel 9 series will have three devices.
  • The Pixel 9 will feature the same size and look as the Pixel 8.
  • The Pixel 9 Pro (codenamed ‘Komodo’) will sport a 6.7-inch display, and there will be another smaller Pixel 9 Pro (codenamed ‘Caiman’) with a 6.3-inch display with Pro-level features.
  • The source mentions that this is like Apple’s strategy with the iPhone 14 series. The standard Pixel 9 is equivalent to something like the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro is comparable to the 6.3-inch Pixel Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max would match up with the 6.7-inch Pixel 9 Pro.
  • All three phones would sport Tensor G4, codename ‘Redondo.’
  • There is a plan for the follow-up Pixel foldable. However, not much is known about this device. Google is likely waiting to see how the first foldable turns out.


  • Google has several plans for 2025, depending on the success or failure of its devices in 2023 and 2024.
    Google is thinking about a Z Flip-style foldable, which would launch in fall 2025 alongside the Pixel 10 series.
  • If Google decides not to go with the flip-style device, it will launch four non-folding phones instead. These would match Apple’s current iPhone strategy, with two base Pixel 10s and two pro models.
  • Pixel Fold in 2025 depends on whether the 2023 Pixel Fold works well.

While Android Authority trusts this source, this leak covers information as far as two years out. The plans make sense, but they could also change significantly in the coming months and years. Personally, I hope the report’s information regarding the Pixel Fold is accurate as I’ve been waiting years for that device.

Header image credit: Howtoisolve

Source: Android Authority