Telus offering $100/year unlimited talk plan for Boxing Week

Unfortunately the unlimited talk only lasts one year


Vancouver-based national telecom Telus has another Boxing Week offer that slipped under the radar: $100/year for talk and text.

Spotted by RedFlagDeals user ‘Giorgiodethrifty‘, this Telus plan might work for you if you’re looking for a basic, low-cost calling plan, though it does come with some major caveats. First, the plan typically gives customers 400 anytime local minutes for the year, which isn’t a lot. However, the Boxing Week offer bumps that up to unlimited nationwide minutes for one year. As far as I’m concerned, that makes this Telus plan a much better option.

Unfortunately, texting is still limited to 400 incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages, which also is not a lot. Still, if you’re all about calling, the texting limits may not matter much to you.

You can find the deal here.

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Source: RedFlagDeals ‘Giorgiodethrifty’