Koodo joins forces with Altima to offer $44/mo 100Mbps internet

Seems Koodo has an answer to Fido and Virgin's $45/mo 100Mbps internet plan


It looks like Telus flanker brand Koodo is trying to get in on those sweet, sweet home internet deals thanks to a partnership with Altima Telecom. Per emails sent to Koodo customers, Koodo and Altima are offering a discount on the latter’s ‘Unlimited Internet 100’ plan.

MobileSyrup gaming editor Brad Shankar received one such email, but so did some people on RedFlagDeals (RFD). The offer gives customers access to 100Mbps home internet with unlimited use for $44/mo for 24 months (savings of $6/mo, or $144 over two years).

The offer is available until February 15th and comes with free activation and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, it’s worth noting the service may not be available in your area — for example, my address in Whitby, Ontario, couldn’t get the plan.

The Koodo x Altima deal appears to be an attempt for Koodo to match internet offers from the likes of Fido and Virgin Plus. Both providers have a wireless and wireline business offering lower-cost home internet. Fido and Virgin both have $45/mo 100Mbps plans, along with other deals. Moreover, both providers currently have their home internet plan on sale for 50 percent off for 12 months — typically, it costs $90/mo for 100Mbps.

If the Altima internet deal is available in your area, I’d argue it’s a better option than Fido and Virgin. The discount lasts longer and when it does end, your bill will only go up by $6/mo instead of $45/mo.

You can check out the deal here.