Telecom companies warn users of service outages from powerful snowstorm

Icy conditions are headed for Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada

Telecom companies across Ontario and Quebec are reminding customers of possible power outages resulting from a snowstorm.

Vidéotron tweeted power outages might impact its customers in Quebec, and it has teams on standby.

Cogeco also confirmed its services are impacted in several regions. “If you are affected by a power outage, the batteries in your modems will allow the telephone service to operate for a few hours, but we recommend that you bring another telephone in case of emergency,” the company tweeted.

Bell tweeted that it will be providing updates on outages as they come.

Telus says it will use mobile generators to maintain its network in case of outages.

Rogers warned customers to charge their devices and follow Environment Canada for updates.


Updated 23/12/2022 1:35pm ET: The article has been updated with additional statements.

Image credit: Shutterstock