Google drops Pixel 7 to $649, Pixel 7 Pro to $879

The Pixel 6a is also $100 off

All Boxing Week long, Google is selling the brand new Pixel 7 series of phones for discounts akin to its Black Friday deals.

If you’re considering buying either of these phones, you can read our reviews below. In summary, the Pixel 7 ($649) is an excellent value for a solid phone, while the Pixel 7 Pro ($879) has a zoom camera, a slightly better screen and a bigger body. There’s also a discount on the lower-cost Pixel 6a ($499).

You can view all the deals on the Google Store here.

While not usually a better buy, most Canadian carriers also have the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on sale. For instance, Bell, Rogers and Telus have it down to 15 per month, which works out to roughly $360 for the phone over a two-year contract.

In a year when iPhone discounts seem harder to come by, Google’s aggressive pricing and marketing might finally help it generate some market share — a good thing in iPhone-dominant North America.

Source: Google