Electric Ford F-150 powers home for days in Canadian snowstorm

After two days it still had 65% left in the tank

After a heavy winter storm hit southern Ontario and parts of Quebec around December 25th, one lucky home kept the lights on via the power of a Ford Lightning.

Reddit user ‘RapFanLJ’ posted a picture of his truck online, saying that he ran two extension cords from the truck to power the fridge, Wi-Fi, TV and select lights for two days during the storm. Then after the 44-hour outage, the truck still had 65 percent left in the tank.

While other electric vehicles (EVs) can achieve similar feats, the Ford Lightning is uniquely equipped for this since it has a maximum of 11 outlets and 9.6kW of power between them. There’s also a bigger 240 volt outlet in the bed of the truck. Other cars like the Ioniq 5’s high-end trim only have one outlet inside the car, and drivers need a pricey adapter to get power outside the car.

That said, this proves the usefulness of EVs, and in the future this could be extremely helpful as storms get more intense and power outages get more frequent.

Source: RapsFanLJ Via: Electrek