Relive the iPod’s glory days with this web-based music player

You can even add your Spotify or Apple Music library to the app

Have you ever wanted to revisit the iPod but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for the OG MP3 player on eBay? Well, then, this app is for you.

This throwback, web-based iPod music player first appeared in 2021, but it recently resurfaced thanks to TikTok user @Martijncales.

The browser app features a spot-on emulation of the classic iPod, including its iconic click wheel navigation and ‘Cover Flow’ UI system that allows you to flip through music like a virtual jukebox.

Adding a dash of modernity to the retro browser app, you can log in with Spotify or Apple Music to access your respective libraries directly through the player.

The entire experience is a little silly and feels clunky by modern standards, but that’s the whole point. There’s even a decent Brick Breaker knock-off called Brick that attempts to recreate the original classic.

Given this app has been around for over a year now, it’s unlikely Apple has plans to pull it (or maybe it just hasn’t hit the tech giant’s radar yet). The Cupertino, California-based company has killed off similar platforms in the past, including Rewound, an iOS music-playing app that turned the iPhone into an iPod Classic.

Check out the app created by developer Tanner Villarete here.

Image credit: Tanner Villarete (screenshot)

Source: Tanner Villarete Via: @Martijncales