Koodo texting subscribers with $3/25GB extra data offer

The carrier is also offering 5GB of data for $1/mo and 10GB for $2/mo


If you’re already a Koodo customer, check your texts — you might have a great deal waiting for you.

The carrier recently sent me a text offering 5GB of additional data for $1 per month, 10GB of extra data for $2 per month or 25GB of bonus data for $3 per month. I opted for the 25GB/$3 option. According to the text, I received this offer because I’m on Koodo’s ‘offers and deals’ list.

Koodo data offer

This means that my $70/30GB plan now includes 55GB, a ridiculous amount of data I’ll likely never use, but it’s still nice to have. I also feel marginally better about missing out on the $45/50GB Black Friday plan Koodo was offering.

It’s unclear how widespread this offer is or if you can reach out to Koodo’s customer service and request it (my guess is your mileage will vary if you take that option).

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received a similar offer from Koodo.