Ring’s car cam is finally available two years after being announced

Amazon did not reveal if and when the product will make its way to Canada

Amazon-owned Ring first announced that it’s developing car dash cams more than two years ago. Now, in 2023, the device is finally available for pre-order, although only for those in the United States.

Revealed at CES 2023, Ring’s first car dash cam is dual-faced, and can monitor what is happening inside and outside your vehicle, while offering a majority of the Ring features we’ve come to know of with its home security cameras.

It draws its power from your vehicle’s battery via the OBD-II port, and serves as a microphone and speaker to talk to others and for voice commands. It features sensors that allow it to detect motion in and around your vehicle, while providing real-time alerts in the Ring app.

It’s worth noting that for features like real-time alerts, live view, cloud storage, LTE connectivity and more, you’ll have to subscribe to the Ring Protect Go plan for $6/mo or $60/year. The camera also has local storage that can be accessed when it’s connected to Wi-Fi, such as when it is parked in the driveway or connected through a phone’s hotspot.

The Ring Car Cam can be activated with the voice command “Alexa, record” using the Traffic Stop feature, but does not have Alexa integration beyond this. An LED light flashes when the camera is recording, and there’s a physical shutter that can be closed at any time to shut off all interior video and audio. The camera also supports optional end-to-end encryption for videos.

The Ring Car Cam is now available to pre-order in the U.S. for $200 USD ($271 CAD). It will cost $250 USD ($339 CAD) when it starts shipping in February. Amazon did not reveal if and when the product will make its way to Canada.

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