This Xbox controller features a built-in OLED display

Unfortunately, it has to be wired when connected to an Xbox

Raikiri Pro

Asus loves to put screens in everything.

The company’s new ROG Raikiri Pro Xbox/PC gamepad includes a customizable 1.3-inch OLED display that displays information like charging status, an option to mute your microphone, your active profile, animations, text and more.

The display seems entirely unnecessary, but at the same time, it’s still pretty cool.

Other features include Bluetooth, RF and USB-C connectivity, alongside an ESS DAC to improve audio quality from its 3.5mm headphone jack. Unfortunately, the controller can only connect to the Xbox through USB-C, which means it isn’t wireless on console, with RB and Bluetooth being available on PC.

Along with the familiar Xbox controller layout, there are four programmable rear buttons and trigger locks, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Further, there’s an app that allows you to alter the gamepad’s deadzones, vibrations and more.

While a built-in screen is undeniably cool, it doesn’t seem to have an actual practical purpose, and I also question how it could affect battery life, considering that that the controller can connect to PCs wirelessly.

It’s unclear how much the Raikiri Pro will cost, but Asus says it will release in the first quarter of this year.

Image credit: PR Newswire

Source: PR Newswire