Google’s new Android Auto redesign is finally rolling out

This update is a near-complete overhaul of Google's in-car infotainment operating system

Google is finally launching its long-awaited Android Auto redesign and overhaul.

Android Auto’s update is primarily centred on making navigation, media playback and overall usability more intuitive. For example, the Maps function is now located on-screen in a better position for the driver. Additionally, the infotainment system offers an improved split-screen experience. Regardless of orientation, Android Auto can adapt to widescreen, portrait, or other sized screens. Users can access text message functionality as well as music and other options. Additionally, the new media card includes Material You features to display your favourite album art.

While the Android Auto update refines the user experience, Google is also adding new features. Broadening the usability, the tech giant says it’s enabling Pixel and Samsung phones to make WhatsApp calls. However, this feature isn’t yet available. Instead, Google notes that it’s coming “soon.” The overhaul includes a progress bar, enabling speedier call functionality and message replies. This applies to music and podcasts, too. Users can now skip songs or an episode of their favourite podcast.

Digital key sharing is also a focus for Android Auto. Google already supports the ability to share digital car keys across Pixel and iPhones. However, this year will see the expansion to Samsung and Xiaomi devices. It also seems like integration with Samsung smartphones is on the near horizon. BMW digital keys are already available, though Google says more car brands will get support soon.

Google has also announced that its Waze app is now available on select Renault vehicles. Google’s HD map is available on new cars with Google integration, including Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3. Honda is joining the roster of brands offering Google built-in. The list currently includes Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Volvo, Polestar and Renault.

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Image credit: Google

Source: Google Via: Engadget