Toronto Raptors fans at Scotiabank Arena can shoot virtual hoops in real-time

Bell and Snap have launched the Bell 5G Shot Clock Challenge on Snapchat

Toronto Raptors fans attending a Welcome Toronto game at Scotiabank Arena can access a limited-time Raptors AR Lens on Snapchat.

The Bell and Snacp Inc. partnership will allow users with a 5G device to join virtual teams and shoot hoops in real time.

The Bell 5G Shot Clock Challenge on Snapchat uses the speed, latency and bandwidth power of 5G to allow thousands of people to connect at once while leveraging Snapchat’s AR technology.

“There is a highly engaged community watching and talking about sports on Snapchat — and with our more than six billion AR Lens plays per day, we see a demand for more immersive experiences to complement and enhance the real world,” Matt McGowan, the general manager of Snap Canada, said.

The experience is available at four Welcome Toronto games and launches at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT on January 6th. It will also be available at the January 21st, February 10th, and March 18th games.

Those without a 5G capable device will still be able to enjoy the experience, but on a smaller scale. A single-player version is available on 4G and LTE-connected devices.

Image credit: NBA

Source: Bell