Apple reportedly has minimal updates for Mac, iPad, and other products this year

Expect little more than spec bumps for Macs, iPads, and other devices -- if they even get updates this year

Apple will reportedly offer minimal updates to its iPad, AirPods, Apple TV, and Apple Watch product lines in 2023 due to its focus on launching the long-rumoured and repeatedly delayed mixed-reality (MR) headset.

According to Bloomberg‘s reliable Mark Gurman in the latest Power On newsletter, Apple will have a “muted 2023” because the company has been pulling resources from several hardware and software engineering departments to work out the kinks with the MR headset. Apple is expected to reveal the headset, reportedly dubbed ‘Reality Pro,’ in the spring ahead of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The headset runs on xrOS, internally called ‘Borealis.’ The idea is that Apple will unveil the device, then use WWDC to get developers up-to-speed on the software and features ahead of the headset shipping in the fall.

Few major Mac changes save a possible 15-inch MacBook Air

As for Apple’s other products, Gurman listed out what he expects to see in 2023. Starting with the Mac lineup, Gurman says new MacBook Pros will come in the first half of the year with a processor bump to the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. Gurman describes the chips as “marginal leaps” from the current MacBook Pros.

Gurman also noted that Apple reportedly cancelled the high-end configuration of the Mac Pro with 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores. Instead, the company plans to launch a version running on the M2 Ultra. The Mac Pro will reportedly look identical to the 2019 ‘cheese grater‘ model. Moreover, the Mac Pro will lose some expandability since RAM is tied directly to the M2 Ultra, but it should still have two SSD slots and expansion options for graphics, media, and networking cards.

Moreover, Gurman doesn’t expect Apple will launch a larger iMac Pro in 2023, while a spec bump for the 24-inch iMac won’t happen until the M3 chip is ready — Gurman says it’ll be late 2023 or 2024 at the earliest. Perhaps the biggest upcoming product is a rumoured 15-inch MacBook Air coming this year.

iPads, Watches, and more

When it comes to iPads, Gurman noted that Apple has been working on larger models but has been told not to expect them in 2023. Additionally, the 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro updates won’t come until the first half of 2024 — the updates will likely include a new design and OLED displays.

As for other iPad models, like the mini, Air, and entry-level iPad, Gurman says any updates that come this year — if there are any — will just be spec bumps.

Moving on to the Apple Watch, Gurman doesn’t expect any major changes to the hardware. Instead, there will just be some minor performance improvements. AirPods also “won’t get any updates of note” this year, and there are no plans for a new Apple TV, either.

Finally, Gurman says the larger HomePod is still set to return this year, but likely won’t have “anything revolutionary.” Gurman expects a lower price, an updated touch control panel, and the S8 chip from the latest Apple Watches in a similar package to the 2018 model.

Gurman noted that upcoming Apple software updates, including iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS 14, will likely have fewer major features than normal due to the focus on xrOS.

Source: Bloomberg