New update for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Watch Series elevates Galaxy camera performance

The Buds 2 Pro now feature 360 Audio Recording and the Watch Series' Camera Controller app now allows you to zoom in/out from your watch

Samsung has announced a new software update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and the Galaxy Watch series aimed at enhancing the content-capturing capabilities for Galaxy smartphone users.

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of devices have always been known for their innovative photography and videography features, and the new Buds 2 Pro and Galaxy Watch series updates look to take those capabilities to the next level.

360 Audio Recording

The update to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro brings 360 Audio Recording to the wireless earbuds, a feature that Samsung says will allow you to “Capture the World as You Hear it.”

By pairing the Galaxy Buds2 Pro with a Galaxy smartphone, your phone can use the microphone in each earbud to pick up 360-degree sound, allowing viewers of your video to experience a sense of immersion and true-t0-life audio that emulates an in-person experience.

The feature is made possible with LE audio, which is a new and advanced Bluetooth audio standard. “This new technology brings better audio quality as well as improved latency and battery life. Beyond providing better-sounding music, LE Audio also broadens the spectrum of audio experiences to deliver more complex and rich sound that can be shared with others,” wrote Samsung.

The feature will be available for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro when they’re paired with a Galaxy phone running One UI 5.0 or above with LE Audio support. Devices compatible include the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and upcoming Galaxy smartphones.

Camera Controller

The other significant feature is part of the Galaxy Watch series update. The Camera Controller application allows users control their Galaxy phone camera right from their wrist. Now, after the update, the application includes zoom capabilities, enabling users to remotely control their phone’s camera zoom with a simple pinch of the watch face or turn of the rotating bezel.

This eliminates the need to set timers, or handing over your phone to a stranger when taking the perfect zoomed-in group photo from a distance.

The updated Camera Controller zoom control feature will be available on the Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4, and Watch4 Classic beginning February 2023.

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, where the company will detail its new flagship smartphones and new features coming to its earbuds and wearables, is scheduled for February 1st. Expect to see the new ‘Camera Controller’ zoom feature and ‘360 Audio Recording’ in action at the event. Read more about Galaxy Unpacked here.

Source: Samsung