Chatr Mobile offering 8GB of monthly bonus data for eight months

The bonus data is available on plans $40+ and only for new activations with auto-pay

Rogers flanker brand Chatr Mobile is also getting in on the Lunar New Year action by offering 8GB of bonus monthly data for eight months on select plans.

The deal is available on the following plans:

  • $40/mo 5GB + 8GB bonus
  • $50/mo 10GB + 8GB bonus
  • $60/mo 15GB + 8GB bonus
  • $70/mo 20GB + 8GB bonus

It’s worth noting, as with past Chatr deals, that the bonus will expire if the account becomes inactive or if customers change their plans before the end of the eight-month period. As such, make sure to sign up with a plan you’ll want to hang onto for the next few months.

Chatr’s website also notes that the offer is for new activations with auto-pay (the 8GB bonus includes a 2GB auto-pay bonus), and it will be available until February 7th.

Finally, it’s worth keeping in mind that Chatr caps its data at 3G speeds, which the providers notes is up to 10Mbps.

You can check out the deals here. Alternatively, check out Rogers’ other flanker brand, Fido, which is offering $10/mo in savings for 12 months on select plans for Lunar New Year. Telus’ Public Mobile also has a Lunar New Year offer of 5GB of bonus data for eight months, which you can find here.