Looks like there’s a new Chromecast with Google TV on the way

It's unclear where this fits into the marketplace

It looks like a new Chromecast with Google TV might be on its way.

In the latest preview update to the Google Home app, spotted by 9to5GoogleGoogle is preparing a new Google TV device that it internally refers to as ‘YTC.’ The code goes on further to specify that this is a Chromecast with Google TV, which makes sense considering the last one had the internal coding ‘YTV.’

It’s unclear exactly what this Chromecast with Google is all about, though it’s possible it will be a higher-end device since the last dongle had lower specs. 9to5 says that there should also be an upgrade to the processor as well as since Android TV has changed its hardware requirements recently.

It’s unclear when Google could introduce a new Chromecast with Google TV, but I’d be looking out for a release in and around Google I/O.

Source: 9to5Google