Google could be working on its own AirTag-like Bluetooth tracker

The tracker is codenamed 'Grogu' - it appears someone at Google is a big fan of The Mandalorian

It seems like Google could have plans to get into the Bluetooth tracker market.

According to a recent tweet from Mishaal Rahman, senior technical editor at Esper and all-around Android expert, Google’s Fast Pair feature will add support for a new ‘locator tag’ product type.

Of course, this could refer to third-party devices from companies like Tile and Chipolo, but Android developer Kuba Wojciechowski believes it references a new tracker from Google with the codename “grogu,” “groguaudio” or “GR10” that could feature “Finder Network” branding. It seems someone working on the project is a fan of The Mandalorian.

The device reportedly supports Bluetooth low-energy (LE) and ultra wide-band (UWB), and could feature a small internal speaker for alerts.

Beyond this, not much else is known about the rumoured Bluetooth tracker, including what it looks like. It’s likely that if the tracker does exist, we’ll learn more about the accessory alongside the Pixel 8 at Google I/O in May.

Given the popularity of Apple’s AirTag, it’s not surprising to see Google working on its own Android alternative.

Source: @MishaalRahman, @Za_Raczke Via: Android Police