Apple’s M2 Pro/Max MacBook Pro features coloured MagSafe cable

The cable was previously only available in white

MacBook Pro (2021)

Apple’s new M2 Pro/Max-powered MacBook Pro features a surprising design shift — a colour-matched MagSafe charging cable.

The previous 2021 version of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro marked the return of MagSafe, but regardless of what colour laptop you purchased, the cable remained an off-white colour.

Now with Apple’s 2022 refresh of the MacBook Pro, that’s changed. The new MagSafe cable is available in ‘Space Gray’ and ‘Silver.’

Apple also offered a colour-matched MagSafe cable with last year’s M2 MacBook Air.

The M2 Pro version of Apple’s MacBook Pro starts at $2,599 and the Max version starts at $4,099.

Via: 9to5Mac