Bell once again offering $55/20GB plan in email to former customers

Check your email for a deal

Bell is once again offering some former customers a $55/mo 20GB plan.

In an email sent out to former customers (including myself), Bell offered the “exclusive rate plan,” which comes in at $30/mo less than its in-market ‘Essential’ plan — that plan costs $85/mo and includes 25GB of data.

Bell’s exclusive plan includes 20GB of shareable data at up to 250Mbps speed. Beyond the 20GB, customers can continue using data at a reduced speed of up to 512Kbps. The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, texting, picture, and video messages. Moreover, the plan limits streaming video to standard definition — you can pay an extra $5/mo to “boost to [Bell’s] fastest available 5G speeds & HD video,” although apparently, you can use a VPN to bypass this limit instead.

Moreover, the Bell email notes that you can extend the offer to up to two family members. The email includes three promo codes to get the offer, which is available until January 31st, 2023.

Excerpt from Bell’s email about the $55/20GB plan.

Bell previously offered the same deal in late December, seemingly as part of its Boxing Week offers, although it was still restricted to former Bell customers. Moreover, in 2021 Bell sent letters to former customers offering a nearly identical $55/20GB plan. (Arguably, the 2021 version of the deal was better since that was before Bell added speed caps to its plans.)

Anyway, former Bell customers should keep an eye out for an email with this offer — it could be well worth switching. At least, it will be for those who didn’t nab a $45/50GB plan during Black Friday.