Google’s Pixel 7 occasionally freezes when watching YouTube in full-screen

The bug doesn't seem to affect all users

Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have experienced a few issues since launch, now including a problem that occurs when watching videos in full-screen mode on YouTube.

According to several reports, the app causes the device to freeze when watching YouTube in full-screen mode and trying to exit the app by swiping up on the navigation bar (either going back to the home screen or the Recents menu).

The video player becomes static and touchscreen taps and swipes no longer work. Audio will sometimes continue to play and hardware buttons also stop working. Some users say they can lock the screen after a few moments.

According to 9to5Google, they haven’t had this issue with other streaming apps. The publication also believes this is a system/Android issue and isn’t a problem on the app level. This problem doesn’t occur if you watch videos on the regular player.

9to5 says that this doesn’t happen every time you watch videos on YouTube, and there’s no apparent pattern.

I haven’t had any problems, and I haven’t heard anything from Jon on the team, either.

Source: 9to5Google