Samsung S23 series might cost $100 more than predecessor

This information is based off leaked Australian pricing

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s flagship smartphones might be pricier this year.

Galaxy S23 series pricing information obtained by 9to5Google suggests the phone will cost $100 more than the S22 line. 9to5 specifically cites Australian pricing information, where the S23 (128GB model) is said to cost $1,350 AUD, compared to last year’s $1,249 AUD price.

The publication also details the entire S23 series’ cost, with a $100 increase across each model compared to last year. The S23+ will start at $1,650 AUD and the S23 Ultra at $1,950 AUD.

With conversion, this means the Galaxy S23 could cost roughly $1,262 CAD, the S23+ about $1,543 and the S23 Ultra approximately $1,824. This is a significant price increase in the Canadian market, as the S22 started at $1,099. While we’ll see a price increase in Canada with the S23, it’s unlikely the smartphone will cost that much more here (my guess is the S23 will cost roughly $1,199 CAD).

That said, in the past, Samsung has added what seems like a Canadian premium cost, with devices being more expensive in Canada when compared to other regions, even after conversion. With this in mind, it’s still possible we’ll see a 128GB S23 that costs more than $1,200 CAD.

Samsung previously offered the 256GB S22 at the same price as the 128GB S22, so I’d definitely keep an eye out for launch deals.

It’s worth pointing out these are just rumours and that it’s still unclear how much the smartphone will actually cost. Samsung will officially reveal the S23’s Canadian pricing and availability on February 1st.

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Source: 9to5Google