Samsung introduces new ISOCELL HP2 sensor in time for Unpacked

While it's not clear if this sensor will be in the S23 Ultra, it has the same rumoured specs

The ISOCELL HP2 is Samsung’s new 200-megapixel camera sensor that we expect to be featured in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The sensor offers a 1/1.3-inch size and 0.6-micrometre (μm) pixels.

Samsung says this is the same sensor size that’s widely used in 108-megapixel primary smartphone cameras. With the South Korean company’s advanced pixel-binning technology, Tetra pixel, the HP2 offers more versatility to the camera and comes with different pixel sizes to match different lighting levels.

This means that, in low-light environments, the sensor transforms either into a 1.2μm 50-megapixel or 2.4μm 12.5-megapixel image sensor by binding four to 16 pixels. And for 8K video at 33-megapixel, the HP2 will switch to a 1.2μm 50-megapixel model that’ll minimize cropping and capture more of the scene. You can film 8K at 30fps. A wide field-of-view and bigger pixel size can help with cinematic videos.

The company’s new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology is now featured in the ISOCELL sensor. This can help reduce overexposed images and create better colours in bright conditions. And in low-light, it features Super QPD for faster auto-focusing.

The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 is now in mass production.