Twitter finally acknowledges third-party app issue

The company says its enforcing its "long-standing API rules"


Days after several third-party Twitter apps stopped working, Twitter finally seems to be acknowledging the problem.

Well, sort of.

A tweet from the Twitter Dev account blames the stoppage on enforcing “long-standing API rules.”

“Twitter is enforcing its long-standing API rules. That may result in some apps not working,” the tweet reads.

As previously reported, several third-party apps stopped working on January 12th. The move was thought to be intentional at the time, and according to Twitter’s latest statement, that seems to be the case.

Twitter has offered API allowing third parties to access the platform for years, letting developers build their own ways to access Twitter.

The company failed to provide any further explanation, including why it randomly started to enforce its “long-standing” rules without warning.

Source: @TwitterDev Via: iPhone in Canada