Telus on the cusp of potential employee strike

Employees under the United Steelworkers Union have been in a bargaining process for 14 months

Telus employees are preparing for job action against their telecom-giant employer.

On January 15th, hundreds of workers who are members of the United Steelworkers union (USW) met at the Telus Mobility building in Burnaby, B.C., for a solidarity rally. A press release detailing the meeting says employees also gathered at other Telus locations across the country.

The workers have been in a bargaining process for 14 months but have yet to reach an agreement. The union is fighting for the protection and creation of local jobs and fair wages.

The USW says they went through the federal conciliation process, which did not lead to a resolution. USW says the telecom company rejected the union’s revised offer and opted to present it to members to ratify.

“It’s absurd that Telus has chosen to go directly to the membership bypassing our bargaining committee,” Donna Hokiro, president of USW Local 1944, said. “What Telus is presenting is not a fair, just or equitable deal, and our members are worth and deserve more than this offer.”

USW Local 1944 represents technicians and call-center workers at Telus.

Source: USW Via: iPhone in Canada